Friday, January 20, 2006

Eugene Oregon Entertainment

ACE: Actors Cabaret Of Engene

996 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401-3134, phone: (541) 683-4368
After 25 years, ACE is hailed by many as still the best in live theater. Once again, we have scheduled performances for almost every weekend of the year, so come see us often! Actors Cabaret of Eugene provides seating for a restaurant and two theaters, the Cabaret and the Annex. We are a non-profit performing arts organization presenting plays, musicals, premiere and original productions, and much more. We also offer drama instruction for children at ACE Youth Academy.

Community Children's Theatre
820 E 36TH, Eugene, OR, phone: (541) 431-0444

Encore Theatre

Eugene, Oregon, phone: (541) 686-4341, email:
Every fall, a new troupe of 7-9 elders is assembled, and a new Encore show is created based on their life experiences. In the spring this show is toured free to thousands of young people through out Oregon. Since 1998, Encore has performed for youth in elementary/middle/ high schools, alternative schools, detention facilities, and community programs.

Hult Center For Performing Arts

One Eugene Center, Eugene, Oregon 97401, phone: (541) 682-5000, email:
The 2,500-seat Silva Concert Hall is reminiscent of an early 19th century European opera house in its warmth, intimacy, and attention to detail. Yet its technical capabilities are state of the art. The 500-seat Soreng Theater, an asymmetrical, open-ended room, is distinctly different in design than the Silva Concert Hall. The theater is ideal for speaker presentations, solo recitals, choir and chamber music, theatrical performances, and dance events. Located in the heart of Alton Baker Park along the Willamette River is Cuthbert Amphitheater. The 4,500-seat venue is a summer facility ideal for popular musicians, rock-n-roll, and amphitheater performers. A favorate performing spot for artists, the venue is set in a beautiful setting complete with wildlife, trees, and water.

Lord Leebrick Theatre Company

540 Charnelton St, Eugene, OR 97401-2647, phone: (541) 465-1506
Great plays and great artists. Lord Leebrick Theatre Company promises both - and delivers. As Eugene's premiere Off-Broadway Theatre, LLTC is known for theatre that is passionate, original and immediate. We are proud to feature the work of the world's finest playwrights, performed by our region's best directors, designers, actors and technicians.

University of Oregon Theatre
(Robinson Theatre)
1236 Kincaid St, Eugene, OR 97401-3739, phone: (541) 346-4191
The Robinson Theatre Season is composed of three to five theatre productions and often one dance concert. Usually the plays are directed by faculty although advanced student directors are also given the opportunity to direct during this season. Second Season consists of three to five plays presented in the Arena Theatre, which has a seating capacity of 80 to 100. Directors are usually graduate students, although faculty also direct as part of this season. Plays are typically chosen to suit the intimate production style and facility, often focusing on modern, small cast plays or experimental pieces.


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